Steve Cash - Born in Oakland California and currently residing in Boise, Idaho. Steve is a musician and jack of all trades when it comes to multimedia production. He's the voice you hear behind the camera during the "Talking Kitty" videos, the man with the ideas and editing skills to make it work and the man behind the guitar in the music videos.

Steve began playing the guitar at the ripe old age of 6. Since then, he's owned his own independent software company (That sold PC games in Target, Walmart and more) years before starting on Youtube.

He is a computer geek, a musician, an illusionist and an animal lover. But most of all, he dreams of becoming a professional entertainer.

Celia DeCosta - Soon to be Celia Cash (as soon as Steve gets off his ass and finally ties the knot!). Otherwise known as "The Mystery Woman", because her voice is heard and her feet are seen many times in stevecash83 videos. Celia is actually a driving force behind all of the musical and comedic content seen within the videos.

A little known fact, about 50% of the footage from the Talking Kitty videos are actually recorded by Celia. She's a camera woman, a backup vocalist and the final "voice of reason" when it comes to video production. Without her, the entire project would fall apart.

Sylvester - Born on Halloween and started on the Your Baby Can Read program as just a kitten, Sylvester has always been a cat that stood out above the rest. His first Youtube debut was in The Mean(er) Kitty Song, a short rap song by Steve as a lash back to Sparta. The video was intended only as a joke, but seemed to gain some popularity over time. Sylvester is a mix breed mostly solid black feline with a small white patch on his under belly. He enjoys stalking outdoors, fighting other male cats (even though he is neutered) and nomming away on wet kitty food.

Sylvester is not just a character that pretends to be rude and mean for the camera, it is his actual personality. Sylvester does not like to be held, as he will begin squirming and scratching within 10 seconds. He also does not like to be petted more than about three times before it becomes irritating. If he decides to cuddle with you for a quick nap or while watching a movie, he will lay on your lap for about 2 or 3 seconds, then get up and walk away. He might return and try it again a few times, but eventually, he just stops coming back. Apparently, cuddling is too awkward for Sylvester.

Shelby - Shelby is a full bred Pedigree black labrador doggie. She was picked out of the litter by Steve at birth. Her mother (Daisy) was a dog owned by Steve's good friend Jimmy. Daisy was purposely bred to have puppies. Shelby's history was first shown on Cutest Puppy EVER (made a year after the first footage), but her arrival was announced a month earlier on the video Talking Kitty Cat 2 - Wake Up And Meet The New Puppy.

Shelby is amazingly well behaved. Although some videos show her acting selfish, they are directed to portray a different attitude. She loves everyone and everything, and rarely gets into trouble. She is also a mute and does not talk in Talking Kitty Videos, because... Well.... Don't be silly, everyone knows that dogs can't talk!

Gibson - This fluffy little ball of cuteness is is the latest addition to the family. He was recently diagnosed with feline schizophrenia and suffers from extreme paranoia. When he isn't in the middle of full blown panic attack, he is a loveable little creature! His vocabulary is limited at times, but he has gotten much better at speaking. At first his only English lessons came from his room mate Sylvester, but his addiction to television has taught him nearly everything he knows.

Other Cast Members

Earl Movogan Shireton - A rock god from the 80's who time traveled to the present wo grace us with his amazing musical talents. Earl is in a band called "The Gods Of Metal". His only debut so far has been in Metal Kitty Song where he rawked our socks off for a minute and a half. He was last seen in Illinois by a group of people who noticed him screaming at a pigeon in a public park. It is unknown if he will ever be seen again.

Lil Stee - This is actually Steve's gangster brother. He wishes he were black, but he's not. He has been seen in such videos as Put A Boog On It. His messages are to harsh for children, but too immature for grown ups. Although he may be mis understood and taken out of context, he will return.

Bubba Pinkler - Steve's red neck hillbilly cousin who has his own youtube channel and makes terrible videos. His sense of humor is lacking, he has no talents and the only thing he does right is piss people off. He is annoying to no end and no one likes him. You can search for him if you'd like, but you will be disappointed. Seriously, it's bad... Real bad...

Todd - ?