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Hi there, I'm Steve Cash. If you're here on my website, it means one of four things.. Either: OR..
  • 4.) You somehow ended up here through some random search, a shared link or complete mistake...
- - - Either way, welcome to my little homestead on the web! Use the links at the top of the page and thanks for visiting. - - -
There is still time to make a video entry for the Props 4 Props contest. Your video can be uploaded to Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo.

The videos that give the most props win props from TK videos!

So break out your video camera and editing software and show us what you've got! Entries are submitted on Facebook.

We're working on some designs for T-Shirts, Mouse Pads, Coffee Cups and more on the Stevecash83 Cafe Press website.

If you're a Todd seeker, you can join the Help Todd Foundation, or if you've given up on Todd completely, join the People who have gone bonko lookin for todd group.

What we have so far:

  • Who is todd? - We aren't sure.
  • Where is Todd? - Too close.
  • What does Todd need? - At first "Help", but now he needs to go away.
  • Should we be scared of Todd? - Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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